Kuria Capital

Kuria Capital is a Venture fund committed to investing in the ideas of the bright and enterprising minds of the Silicon Savannah and beyond. We will be empowering young entrepreneurs and inventors to develop their own innovations; partnering with Kuria Capital and becoming the Business owners of the future.

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Kuria Muchiru and Christine Muthoni Kuria met at the school of Charted Public Accountants in Kenya in the 1980s. As accountants, they went on to build bright careers in the Kenyan Corporate world, together.

They achieved success in Banking and Professional Services firms, and decided to set their sights higher and build a company.

Reata Properties started with the acquisition of a small residential property in the capital; and through hard work and hard learning, it became an excelling hotel operator and developer, with some of the best reviews in the Country. 


Our vision is to fund the seed stage businesses of young people in Kenya, and eventually across the East African region.

Young people in this rapidly growing economic region, face dwindling career prospects, stagnant wages and increasing costs of urban living. 

This enviroment is even more challenging for young business people; who are excluded from capital and support. 


Kuria Capital's flagship financing product is the Kuria Innovation Fund. A fund that has a 3 stream financing strategy.


Utilising in-house capital firstly, international Private Equity and Grant investment secondly, then eventually the creation of vehicles to activate local wealth.

Kuria Capital will aim to lead Seed rounds. Preparing term-sheets

tailored to the Kenyan market.

Our core investment approach comes from our firm's Selection Logic and

algorithms developed by our Lead Founder at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

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Management Team


Amos Gachiri

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Head of Advisory

Kuria Vincent Muchiru

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Head of Venture

Muchiru Mark Kuria

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Country Profile


Total Population


GDP Growth

5.8%  -  6.1%

  Fastest FDI growth in AFRICA

   USD $2.42 billion (2015)

 Strategically Located


Developing Infrastructure


Home of the Silicon Savannah 


investment strategy

Kuria Fund led Rounds 
Seed-Stage Investing
Minority Equity positions
Goal - End term Divesture
upon 10:1 equity maturity or portfolio retention of 
strong value gainers 
In-house Mentorship
Active Corporate 
Governance engagement
Resourcing & access
to Legal and Financial
Personal development of Kuria innovation Fund Candidates into
successful business owners